Accra Sunset

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Accra Sunset

When the day is ending and the tourists

drift away, I like to sit on the beach

and watch the sun's slow descent.

As the searing heat subsides, sea breeze

cools, fills my nose with briny scent.


In front of me the restless Atlantic,

wave after wave crashing and foaming

on to the beach, then quietly receding -

energy spent.


Today, idly sifting sand between my fingers

feeling the grains as they flow,

I muse over the ocean's permanence

and love's transience.

But the beauty of the scene is powerful,

it fills my mind and soul - I laugh.

Perhaps, instead, I should compare love to the waves -

there will always be another!


One strong wave washes high on to the beach,

I follow it back to the water's edge.

Wet sand squelches between my toes

as I splash in the surf - I'm contented.


The golden sky deepens and darkens,

flickering stars appear

as the sun sinks beneath the sea.

Yes, I like to stroll on the beach

when the day is ending

and the tourists drift away.