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Life is random and so is this book.

It is a collection of poems arranged in no particular order. There are happy poems, sad poems, silly poems, serious poems, poems about real life and poems that are total fiction. There are poems about love, poems about cats, poems for children, and there is even one about a...

From on page to the next you won't know what you are going to find.


ISBN: 9781784562823



It's five o'clock, I'm in the garden

walking on the wet grass,

lush in its verdant splendour,

so soft to my naked feet,

each step making an impression.

Newly risen the sun spills golden

light, like water from an urn,

on this new world banishing

night and revealing a cacophany

of colours nature has painted

on petals and leaves. A lone

bee delighting in the tiny

red and white salvias

bobbing gently in the breeze.

The air new-born and as yet

un-warmed, the sweetest i have

ever smelled, is filled with

the conpaniable chirping

of a host of un-seen sparrows

and the wistful coos of distant

woodpigeons. Suddenly, a vision

in fur appears on the fence,

jumps down and races to me

all purs and rubs. In this ethereal

moment I find tranquillity

undisturbed while the world sleeps.


Come with me

and climb a rainbow

one colour at a time

until we reach the clouds.

We can drift away

with the billowing grey

on a quest to catch

a wandering star.

And on that star

we can make a wish

that our moment

will last forever.


My barriers are all

breached, my plains

are all flooded.

With pins of pain

my heart has been studded.

Colours have faded

to a negative, the sun

no longer shines.

A ragged wind is blowing.

My tears, a river, are flowing.

My soul lies crumpled

in my shoes, the birds

no longer sing. The world

has stopped turning

because today, today

you took off your ring.


Your smile is like a rainbow

on a rainy day,

colouring my heart happy

and holding me in its sway.